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Bali Wedding Make Up


On that special wedding day, every bride wants to look her very best and be at her most beautiful, but presenting your best face can be a little daunting. How do you make sure your wedding makeup stays on all day, looking flawless in your wedding photos, and manage to make you feel like a model, but still look like you?

The way you style your wedding day makeup is very important to your overall bridal look. The application process is far more daunting than it is when you are getting ready for a typical day at the office. Truly, there is no other day in your life when you will care so much about the way your lipstick and liners are applied. It makes sense – after all, you are wearing the most beautiful dress that will ever adorn your body, you will have your hair groomed to sheer perfection, and you will be embarking on a journey down the aisle that is symbolic of your journey into married life with your new husband.

Because a wedding is a very important day and many photographs are taken. Looking your best on your day is crucial. Here are some tips on how to apply wedding makeup.


1. Wedding makeup is special because a bride wants to look her best and still look like herself. A natural, dressed up look is a great way to go when applying wedding make up.

Look through bridal magazines to get ideas on how you would like your makeup to look. Do anything too dramatic or trendy. Your wedding pictures will last a very long time.

2.Start with your natural foundation. Apply evenly, check for any lines around your jaw bone. You can mix a little foundation into some face lotion and apply to neck and chest to even out skin tone on your neck and upper body. Be careful not to get any foundation close to your wedding dress.

3.Traditionally, bridal makeup should be a natural for a day time wedding and can be a little more dramatic for an evening wedding.

4.If you are going to wear different makeup than what you usually wear, like long lasting makeup, try it out before your wedding day.

In case the long wear makeup smudges easier, or cracks after wearing a while, you have time to adjust how you wear it before your big day.

5.Do a trial run (or two) of your wedding makeup to make sure you will be able to get it just right.

Ask friends and or family to critique your look.

Take pictures to see how you look with your wedding hair and makeup.

Do these trial runs a week or so before the wedding day so you have time to fix anything you are not completely happy with.

6.If you are not comfortable doing your wedding makeup yourself, ask a friend or family member to go it for you. Just do a trial run to make sure you are happy with how your friend/family member’s work.

You can also hire a wedding makeup artist to apply your wedding makeup. Many offer a free trial run after booking and can create a few different looks for you to choose from. If you need any assistance about your Make Up & Hair do, our Make up Artist & Hair Do stylish ready for you.




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Hongkong Garden Bali Wedding

Venue at Hongkong Garden Bali.
Decoration by Daun Decoration (Kana Group)










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Planning a wedding is a stressful event; trying to pick and choose all the details can be absolutely maddening. Beautiful wedding decorations add style, fun, and drama to your wedding day. If you love a particular mood, or simply want to create a gorgeous and memorable setting, click on any of the following areas for wedding decorating ideas.

One of the first things you need to do is choose the color of your wedding decorations.Pick a theme. The first thing you need to do is decide on a color theme. Typically you will use the same color theme throughout the wedding, from flowers and dresses to decorations and thank you cards.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions take place just about anywhere including ball room, hotels, villas, gardens, restaurants, scenic locations, and churches. Each area provides ample opportunities for setting the scene and creating a mood with elegant wedding decorations.

Ask yourselves what style and mood do you both want for your wedding day. Are you casual, sophisticated or romantic? You may decide you want a traditional evening wedding ceremony with lots of candles and flowers, or you may decide on a contemporary setting with silver and white balloons and an ice sculpture or other things in your ideas.

bali-floristSecond, it is important to know your budget. This gives you an idea of how many decorations you can reasonably incorporate into your wedding. Remember that careful planning is necessary to avoid costly mistakes. If budget is an issue, choose only one or two wedding decorations or decorating ideas that really add visual impact.

Consider these items when choosing and creating your wedding decorations:

· Color & Theme Scheme

· Available Space in venue

· Number of Guest

· Budget

· A trusted wedding decoration company to handle your wedding decoration


With a little imagination, you’ll be amazed at how easy and affordable it is to create a unique day that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

Our Sister Company Daun Art Decoration will be glad to help you to prepare and discuss all about decoration what you need. Please contact for any assistance.






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Ambient Lighting Décor


Our Professional Lighting will add dramatic effect to the look of your ballroom or celebration space. From the entryway through the entire room, lighting is a very cost effective way to add ambiance and decorate the space. Already have a florist? Florist do flowers beautifully, but a professional lighting designer can add the finishing touch to your centerpieces, making them works of art! Let Party Time spotlight your event!

Light Up The Night! with ProLight professional lighting designer- sophisticated Lighting options for your celebration.Lighting transforms a room and sets the tone for your wedding.




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Wedding After Party

The best thing about a wedding reception after-party is that there really are no rules — the planning and execution is entirely up to you. The one etiquette must is inviting all of your wedding guests. A majority of them (like your parents’ friends) probably won’t attend, but they’ll appreciate the offer. In terms of planning, you can host an open bar affair in another room or place at your reception site, reserve a space or a few tables at your favorite bar or lounge in advance, or make it more of a spontaneous, let’s-keep-this-party-going affair.

As a young people usually we need DJ to accompany us during “this session.”

Well , now is the time for the bridal and friends to chat and enjoy the party with something that we call fun and free ..No rules but should be still affair.

If You need any assistance to prepare your after party don’t hesitate to contact our wedding coordinator, cheer…..

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