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It is a common view in Chinese Tradition to do a Tea Pai Ceremony. Where family members gathered on that special day. A chance for the marry couple to pay their tribute by presenting tea in a special cup to the eldest family member to the youngest. Person can be Great Grand Mother, Grand Mother, Parents, Uncles and Aunties

The customary phrase spoken to the parents during this ritual can be translated as “Thank you for bringing us up. Now we are getting married. We owe it all to you.” The parents will usually drink a small portion of the tea .In return – the marry couple receive either Red Envelope (Fung Bao – Bao read as Pao), and or sometimes Jewelry.

This ceremony symbolized how marriage should be. It is a teaching that we should uphold in any kind of relationship. To work or co-operate with your partner; provide helping hands from Wife to Husband and vice versa. In the same time – to always respect the rest of the family member and be one with the in law family member It is a unity not only for the married couple – but also for both sides of the family

The gifts as a return for the tea they drank symbolized — LUCK and PROSPERITY for the married couple. May their new family will be blessed and always in rejoice.




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