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The Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet has origins deep in history. The Roman bride and groom would wear garlands around their necks to symbolizes long life and fertility. Strong smelling flowers, garlic and herbs would be worn to ward off evil spirits which were thought to be ever present and bad luck.

History of the Bouquet
During the plague in England when it was thought the plague was carried by the wind and bad smells, people would wear strong smelling spices and herbs to drive away the infection. The bridal bouquet symbolized a maid in bloom and the flowers she chose related to smell, color and decoration, and could be recalled later on when the couple would come across the same smell, to bring back memories of their happy day.
Today the flowers in the bouquet are a wonderful display of color and smell, chosen carefully by the bride to enhance the look she wishes to create.

Throwing the Bouquet
This is thought to have originated in America and is usual in the UK nowadays. The bride would throw the bouquet over her shoulder, to be caught by a single female friend and it would mean that she would be the next one to marry. Equally, the groom could throw his buttonhole over his shoulder towards his single male friends, and the same could apply.

This is a way of spreading the good fortune and joy of the happy couple to their friends.

You can discus with our decorator about color, style, theme and type your flowers to make your wedding fabulous.

Happy Wedding…..




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