Music is one of the key elements of your wedding. You’ll replay the melodies from your special day over and over again in your mind for years to come. That’s why Kana Wedding Organizer prides itself on offering such a vast selection of wedding musicians and wedding entertainment. With so many choices, you can create the specific type of wedding ceremony and reception you’ve always dreamed of.

You’ll find four categories below. Wedding Music Bands, Wedding DJs, Solo Wedding Musicians, Traditional Ensemble and Classical Wedding Ensembles. Choose several to set the appropriate mood and atmosphere for each portion of your special day. Kana Wedding Organizer has thousands of professional wedding musicians available throughout the Bali and Indonesia.

Wedding Bands

What type of wedding music band and wedding songs are you looking for? You’ll find wedding entertainment from one end of the spectrum to the other. Do you want your guests to dance? Consider a Latin band or swing band to pick up the beat. Looking for a more sophisticated feel? A jazz band or cover band that plays Broadway show tunes might be your choice for wedding reception music. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Wedding DJs

If a band isn’t what you had in mind, live DJs are another popular option for wedding reception music. By using DJs as your wedding entertainment, you get the flexibility of having all your favorite wedding songs and CD’s played regardless of genre.

Solo Wedding Musicians

A gorgeous and memorable touch to any wedding ceremony is the addition of solo wedding musicians. The gentle melodies played by a harpist or flutist during the prelude to your ceremony can add an air of distinction. A pianist and keyboardist are often used for the wedding march and also to provide wedding reception music. Don’t forget to consider a keyboardist , acoustic guitarist, mandolinist , or wedding singer for wedding entertainment and wedding song options.

Classical Wedding Ensembles

A delightful deviation from traditional wedding music bands is the classical ensemble. A woodwind ensemble gives an elegant feel to prelude music and your wedding ceremony. Follow this with a lively string quartet or brass ensemble for your wedding reception music, and you’ll have an upscale event you and your guests will remember.